Tales and legends of downtown Eureka Springs, the Basin Park Hotel and the residents who never left!

As you await your own paranormal experience, you will hear stories of the visitors who checked into the hotel but never really left.  Perhaps you’ll see the ballroom dancers from some long-ago Barefoot Ball…or the pretty young girl in a long white dress who still waits for her groom.  Listen carefully… and you may hear the bells of the slot machines ringing in the illegal gambling parlor of the 40’s & 50’s.

While exploring the haunted hallways of this seven story relic, you may have occasion to view the spirit of the lion ghost… or the young woman who tries to evict tenants from “her” room.  If lucky, you may even see the cowboy who still roams silently through the rooms and halls of the hotel, perhaps looking for one last drink to wash away the trail dust.

Tours Nightly @ 8:00pm

March through November

Admission: $16.50 Adults
$ 8.00 Children under the age of 12

Tickets available in the Hotel Lobby

For further information, please email us at

Group Rates
with flexible times scheduled for parties of 12 or more
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